Flash Back Friday

ImageFlashback to that time last year when I was sitting in my office convinced that I was not going to have a baby on my due date.  I had dropped Addison off, (she picks her own clothes out) and had every intention of working the full day until I started having (strong) contractions at my desk.  Even then, as I told my boss, that I was going to “run” to the OB office to be monitored, I still didn’t think I was going to have a baby that day.  Heck, I even stopped at Sonic for a hamburger at 10am, (which I hadn’t eaten red meat in I can’t remember how long until I was pregnant with Ben).

And then life just sort of surprises you.  The nurse at the office was a little peeved that I was asking to be monitored when everyone could tell I was in active labor.  And finally, it clicked.  Hot damn.  I was going to have a baby.  The office wouldn’t let me drive myself to the hospital, apparently that wouldn’t have been a good idea, so I called Mark to come pick me up.  And then I melted down.  In the office parking lot, complete with calling my parents and officially losing it.  I remember feeling so scared for Addison and how her life was going to change.  Spoiler alert, the change was fabulous.

ImageMark arrived to pick me up, mid-meltdown, and I obligingly got in the car.  Convinced the baby wasn’t coming anytime soon, I asked to go to the house to pick-up a few things.  Mark thought I was crazy, but I wouldn’t recommend saying “no” to a woman in labor.

Six short hours later, I was holding Ben in my arms and wondering what the heck I had been so worked up about?  Life had just gotten a whole lot more beautiful.




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