Why I Love My Body

Why I love my body…because I want my daughter to love hers.

I consciously try Every. Single. Day. to say something positive about my body.  I have made it a mission to teach Addision, by my example, that her body is beautiful.  You will never, (hopefully) hear me say anything discouraging about the way I look around my daughter and that started from her birth.

My body allowed me to grow 2 magnificent and powerful little beings and I will forever be grateful for that.  When Addison gains weight at the doctor’s office each visit, I remark at how well she is taking care of her body and how much stronger she grows each day.  When I step on the scale in front of her I will not make a face of disappointment, (which is not always easy, I admit.)  When I am not happy with what I am wearing or feel uncomfortable in my clothes I do not express that to Addison.

Judge away, but sugar and junk foods are allowed in our house.  Addison readily has a plethora of food options, both healthy & less healthy.  She knows that I value her & Ben’s health above almost anything and I am trying to teach her to make healthy choices, but I will not chide her if she wants a gummy worm, (or 4).  Mark and I are trying to teach her that food is food, by having options available, we are hoping that she will not value one over the other.

If I ever hear Addison remark negatively about her body, which I hope will not happen for a very long time, I will only work harder to love my own.


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