Having it All

This morning I had a surprising feeling–one I don’t experience often.  I felt accomplished.

Oftentimes I am the first one awake in our house, which is something I adore.  Knowing the people I love most are warm and safe in their beds makes me feel content.  This morning, as I was getting ready for work, and about to walk out of the door, I heard Ben cough.  This little man, who I still feed 1-3 times per night, had just been up at 3:45 to eat so I thought I wouldn’t be up with him again before I had to leave.

When I heard him cough, I turned the monitor on, sure enough, Ben was awake and hungry.  I took a look at the clock and noted that if I chose to feed him I was going to be 10 minutes late to work.  I chose to feed my son, (not a hard choice).

When I was upstairs feeding Ben in complete darkness I felt an overwhelming feeling of contentment.  Here I was, dressed and ready for work, feeding my child, and looking forward to getting to the office.  I have struggled, as most moms do, with the decision for what is best for our family.  Is it me staying at home?  I’m not sure.  But in that moment, I allowed myself to feel OK with the decision I have made, to be a working mom who can try to do it all.

Hopefully that was a beautiful start to a successful day.  Cheers to all the moms out there!  We’re in it together.



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