Teacher Appreciation

Admittedly, it looks a lot better packaged with a cute label.

Admittedly, it looked a lot better packaged with a cute label.

I managed to get myself signed up for the ‘Teacher Appreciation’ committee at Addison’s school…while I am a Huge, (note the capital ‘H’?) supporter of educators, my Mom being the most influential & intellectual educator I know, it was another thing I added to my ever-growing list.

While I may be making light of my new-found responsibilities, preschool teachers are some of the most undervalued educators in the system–so they deserve every ounce of appreciation we can give.

I was assigned the month of January to don my appreciation and I chose to make a small gift box for each teacher.  I was hoping to fill it with fun & useful items I knew I would appreciate receiving.  And I only had one Starbucks run at 11pm to pick up a missing giftcard–I’ll call that a win.  Gift boxes included;

– Starbucks gift card
EOS lip gloss, (the best!)
– Lotion
– Chocolate
– Beverage
– More chocolate
– Airborne for all the grubby little hands they encounter daily

As a room mom, (never thought I would say that, or at least for a few more years) I’ll take all the ideas for teacher appreciation–please send any that you’ve done!  And…thank a teacher!


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