Storage Jars

Storage Jars

You should have seen this house when we bought it…it was not good.  However, we didn’t have a whole lot of wiggle room in our budget, and saw tons of potential in this little gem.  When we bought our house we redid a large portion of the first floor including changing the back entrance, adding a 1/2 bathroom, and a full kitchen remodel.  The mudroom / pantry / room we have no idea what to do with, was previously the breakfast nook which we turned into the back entrance.

Along the way we have (slowly) tried to make this room more functional and this weekend I took another step.  I had all of the items on hand, so this reno was free!  My plan is to add these to span the length of the shelves…we’ll see if that ever comes to fruition.  I’ll show the other side of the room, (hopefully a coffee bar someday) once I clean up all of the “junk” I moved to take pictures of the shelves–just keeping it real.

Items needed:
– Scrap wood (2) pieces
– Screws
– Empty jars
– Paint

Taken during our 2nd walk through.

Taken during our 2nd walk through.

Changing the back entrance.

Changing the back entrance.

Kitchen Progress

More Before Shelves

I clearly like grains…recipe for quinoa

Buckets from Etsy–splurged on them 4 years ago & they have held up great.

Never look too closely…but here they are.

Moso Natural Aid Purifier

Product love! – I bought this Moso Natural Air Purifying bag weeks ago and LOVE it (for around $10).  I bought (2), one for home and one for Mark’s office–I highly recommend it.

Inspiration and other fun projects here & here.


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